The American Board

It is a United American Education Council, the license is a united educational body with a headquarters in the United States of America and it has the right to establish multiple branches The American Board is an independent accrediting body Approved by the US Federal Government and registered in the State of California, Sacramento County And approved by

Issued certificates are accepted
Attestation by the Foreign Ministry and embassies of all countries of the world

The mechanism for issuing the certificate is one of three things

The first method is through an approved center and it is required
Curriculum – training – exam
The process is carried out through the center, provided that the board approves the student with the certificate according to the powers, conditions, and academic degrees.

The second method
The international exam takes place directly within the board, and the certificate is issued after the student’s exam

The third method
Accreditation is limited to
Accreditation of the international coach is based on his previous experiences

100%Distance learning system
100%International accreditations

(1) Sponsoring students around the world to provide internships after graduation
(2) Providing scientific and professional advice to students who are new to the labor market
(3) Providing assistance to the gifted by developing their capabilities and developing their skills
(4) Providing minimum educational programs for those who are unable to continue their education due to war or forced displacement
(5) Spreading the culture of distance education in an interactive manner
(6) Raising the quality of university education by providing educational programs accredited by the American Council on Education
(7) Providing post-university educational programs
(8) Providing professional educational programs
(9) Cooperating with universities in vocationalization at the master's and doctoral levels
(10) Evaluating the performance of educational institutions and issuing a certificate stating their academic level according to performance standards
(11) Certification of trainers according to international quality standards to achieve the required professionalism
(12) Nurturing academically unregulated professions
(13) Providing training courses to keep pace with development and modernity

اهمية البورد الأمريكي في إدارة الأعمال

The training mechanism


Within the centers accredited in accordance with the law, which adhere to quality standards and training in accordance with the law and in light of the curricula and methods of study approved by the American Board


The centers are committed to training, evaluation, providing comprehensive scientific material, and complying with the laws of the country under study


Reports are submitted with the names of successful students for accreditation from the American Board

Distance learning system

امتحان البورد الامريكي للتمريض
البورد الأمريكي في مصر

International accreditations


High Quality Education

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